Mosaic Classes

 *We will be following current CDC guidelines. As of 05/15/21, Masks not required if you are vaccinated.
***7 students per class***
*(Class is reserved once paid in full on Venmo: Elise-Calhoun-1 )
SUNDAY  JUNE 27  FROM 1-5 :    WALL ART  $100 
SUNDAY  JULY 11  FROM 12-5 :     ADDRESS SIGN $180  
Choose a base to mosaic on with several options including: lazy susan, decor stand, tray, wall panel and more (availability may vary).


Class Descriptions: 

PICK YOUR BASE CLASS (no cutting): Great class for beginners or those who want to have fun creating art with a group of friends. No cutting required! In this 3-4 hour class learn how to follow a simple design, place tesserae and choose your own colors! At the end you will have your own gorgeous mosaic to take home. Elise will grout the piece for you and you return to pick it up.  "How to Grout" information below if you would like to grout it on your own.

ADDRESS SIGN CLASS: Design and create a modern address sign mounted on Wedi Board (perfect for outside and lightweight for hanging). Glass will be pre-cut for you but you will also have the opportunity to learn to use nippers for simple cutting techniques (if desired). This class will take the whole 5 hours. 

*Minimum of 6 students required or class will be canceled and fee will be refunded. *Material fee included in payment and all class materials provided, although students are welcome to bring in their own.



Here's my home studio in Southwest Austin that you will take the class in! Situated behind my house on 4 acres in the beautiful Texas Hill Country.


Grouting Instructions

Supplies: Sanded grout, rubber gloves, paint stir stick, grout float, grout sponge, clean cloth, plastic bowl (Home Depot is a great place for these supplies)

1. Make sure the adhesive securing your mosaic pieces has dried completely. Grout outside or on a surface you do not mind getting dirty. This is a messy process! You can put down a small tarp or garbage bag to protect your surface if necessary.

2. Add tap water slowly to grout and stir (I like to use paint stir sticks) until consistency of thick batter (grout should not be runny, add just enough water to wet and mix all the grout in your container)


3. Use of rubber or latex gloves during grouting process is recommended. Grout is basically cement, and will dry your skin out and get stuck under your fingernails. So put your gloves on!

4. Grout is applied by rubbing the grout into the gaps with your grout float, or your hands (be sure to use gloves, the grout will dry out your skin). Press the grout in thoroughly, and wipe away the excess. You may need to go over your piece a couple of times to make sure you have filled in all the gaps. Also, make sure your edges are neat. As the grout dries, it will become easier to form them/make them smooth.

5. Wet your grout sponge and wring it out. You don't want it dripping wet. Wipe away excess grout, being careful not to erode grout from the gaps. If you are pulling out too much grout when you wipe, you may need to let the grout dry in place for 10-15 minutes and then wipe again. You won't get the piece entirely clean at this point, but you should get it mostly clean.

6. Let the piece dry until it begins to form a grout haze. This is a hazy, dusty appearance from the remaining grout on the mosaic tile/glass. Get your clean cloth (often I use old washcloths) and wipe off the haze. If you have left too much grout, try starting over with the wet sponge stage, or there is a Grout Haze remover product you can buy at Home Depot to help you remove it. If you have left grout on the tile too long, sometimes it becomes too hard to remove, and the piece is ruined. So, be careful!


7. If you plan on using it outside, or in a place where it might get wet, you will need to seal the grout so that it doesn't dissolve. There are plenty of great sealers at Home Depot that you can use.

8. Your masterpiece is ready for you to enjoy!