Meet the Artist


Elise Calhoun is a multi-talented artist with a diverse background. She has been a self-taught mosaic artist (and more recently a painter) for over twenty years, creating mosaic art and installations. Her artistic style blends modern and organic elements, often featuring bold colors, textures, and patterns. She aims to create mosaics that provide a visual and tactile experience for viewers to enjoy.

In addition to her artistic pursuits, Elise has a career as a registered maternity nurse, helping families safely bring newborns into the world as well as caring for mothers with high risk pregnancies. This unique combination of artistic creativity and medical expertise showcases her versatility and dedication to both her crafts.

Elise has shared her mosaic expertise by teaching classes at various locations, including The Dougherty Arts Center and her own home studio. She has also exhibited and sold her art at art shows across the country. Her work extends beyond galleries and exhibitions, as she has installed commercial and residential mosaics in and around Austin, Texas, including notable locations like The Barr Mansion.

As a registered yoga teacher, Elise further explores her passion for holistic well-being and the arts. Her commitment to blending different aspects of her life, from nursing to yoga to mosaic art, reflects a rich and diverse creative journey. Elise envisions the ancient medium of mosaics continuing to evolve and thrive in the modern art landscape.